B1049 cycle path latest

July 2013: Histon Road B1049 in Cottenham will be getting speed reducing features.

July 2013: Potholes on the road have been properly patched. This should result in less debris along the route.

Issues remain. Muck/flint/glass mostly outside Cottenham Skips causes regular punctures if you do not have very good tyres.  The solar edge lighting is no longer bright and some have been covered by vegetation. They are still better than none.

Sept 2012:  Local councillors are asking for users of the cyclepath to fill in a survey.

As far as I am aware, all planned works are now complete !

I am sure the council will soon make a press release.  The path has been some three years in the making and is worth shouting about. It certainly deserves to be called a cycle path now.

The final part that desperately needing completing was the most dangerous section between Histon and Cottenham. I have test ridden that section at night and it is excellent. The solar lighting makes a huge difference to your safety, and as oncoming cars pass, you are no longer blinded and can still see where to go.   I can still remember the moment of fear when you hope you don't fall into the road or ditch. Cycling along here in the dark is actually quite relaxing now, quite normal.

I have uploaded two images to CycleStreets:



And just a reminder of how it used to look:

As far as I am aware, the toucan crossing at the southern boundary of Cottenham is not going to happen.  Northbound cyclists will have to join the road where traffic typically crosses at 40mph in both directions, or, continue on the footpath illegally.  Histon Road in Cottenham remains a fairly unpleasant and sometimes hostile road for cyclists.

About the widening and surfacing:

15th Mar 2012. The final smooth surface has been laid all the way from Cottenham to Histon. Solar studs are being installed next week. The cyclepath will then be finished.

Final land plot obtained by Cambs County Council to permit widening of Cottenham to Histon path. Works continue with completion due in 3 wks.

11th Feb 2012. Final land plot obtained by Cambs County Council to permit widening of Cottenham to Histon path. Works continue with completion due in 3 wks.

10th Jan 2012. Work has started on the final part.  Complete in 8 weeks.

28th Dec 2011. Official Press release from CCC about widenening the remaining section of the Cottenham to Histon cycle path. Work starting 9th Jan 2012.

Histon and Cottenham path is final link in the chain

16th Dec 2011. Cycle Cambridge said:

Work will commence on 9th January 2012 to complete the construction of the Histon to Cottenham foot and cycle way.

Works are anticipated to last for 10 weeks. Two way traffic signals will be in operation Monday to Friday, between the hours 9.30am to 3.30pm.

7th Dec 2011.  Cycle Cambridge said the start of the work of the remaining middle part is now likely to be 9th Jan 2012.

Published 5th December
Source: chilibdems, County Councillors' November 2011 monthly report

We are hopeful that the B1049 cycleway will be finished by the end of January: it has been 
agreed to pipe some of the ditch, and the cycle path will be at least 2m wide.

Nov 16th 2011 Cycle Cambridge said: "All approvals now in place to start the middle bit [near Cottenham Skips]... should be starting before Christmas."

Nov 7th 2011 Cycle Cambridge said: "Still awaiting consent to pipe the ditch".  They hope to have have contractors on site "soon".

Published 7th Nov.
Source: chilibdems, David Jenkins, County Councillors report October 2011.

The B1049 cycle path progresses; we have been advised that the remaining section has now cleared necessary hurdles and will be implemented as soon as possible.

David met officers to discuss the B1049/A14 crossing and section 106 funding. This is now clear if not 100% satisfactory. Officers are confident that there will be enough money and a meeting to review traffic modelling has been set for 19-Jan-12.

The council has announced the availability of funding (http://bit.ly/t5c2Pm) to allow parish councils etc to bid for grants of up to £10K for local highways projects.

Other features:

No toucan crossing point at the edge of Cottenham.


  1. May I ask what kind of lights you have for you bike, because although I think the cycle path is great I do find it quite hard to just to see in front of me coming back at night. My bike lights are visible but don't produce enough of a beam to see ahead of me well! Freda

  2. My answer was quite long, it is here as a separate post:
    What Rural Commuting Lights?

  3. I cycle this route regularly on my commute from Ely. The path is a mixed blessing - good for cyclists not confident on the road, but I (like may others) choose the road so that we don't get held up by slower bikes, dogs, push chairs, wheelie bins,driveways, etc. The problem is that the presence of a cycle path seems to indicate to car drivers that cyclists should not be on the road, and therefore it is acceptable to push past, shout verbal abuse, use their horns etc. I can guarantee this everyday I use this route.

    We therefore need to be mindful that whilst cycle paths can benefit some cyclists, they can make the road more dangerous for others and actually exaberate the poor attitude of car dirvers.

  4. Very interesting my wife who bought a bike on cycle scheme has just been informed by her employer that her tax code will be going up as she has had a benefit in kind, well what about the car parking place she's not using and the pollutions she's not generating and the reduced burden on the nhs she's contributing. To be honest the scheme was good as a vehicle to encourage people to own and use a bike, now its crap...shame really

  5. I was nearly run over while on the cycle path yesterday (Sunday 17th November) by a Transit van driving on the pavement. Are you aware of any similar incidents to this? I would have let it go, but he came back for a second attempt, and then waited me out while I lay low in someone's front garden. I didn't get a registration number, so the police were unable to help. Wondered if anybody else has suffered similar problems on here.
    Full story is here: http://quism.livejournal.com/144906.html

    1. Wow, that sounds terrifying. I've not heard of any similar incidents. My first thought would be to go to the Police to get anything recorded just in case they did end up hurting someone, but like many before me, I've discovered its really hard to report road incidents: http://cottenhamcyclist.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-failure-of-cambridgeshire-police.html

      What time did it happen on Sunday? I can link to your post on Twitter as I have a few locals following.