Thursday, 1 March 2012

It all comes out in the wash

This morning there was a story on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about parking reaching saturation point in Cambridge.  A lady phoned in and made the point that we have to make it less convenient to travel into Cambridge by car.  This reminded me of my most favourite comments on a CEN story ever.

Gas Works Slow City Traffic to a Crawl

The comments are full of tales of woe, grid lock and stuck buses as people were prevented from getting to really important places and doing vital things in their life. But, this frustrated motorist's comment is special for so many reasons:
Jane: Had to pop to the Beehive for guinea pig shampoo. Traffic around there was like a pre-Christmas Saturday.
Where do you start ?  Well Tench spotted the lost cause and the brutally honest solution is perfect:
Tench: Guinea Pig shampoo??? Just hold the thing under the tap for a minute or so!

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